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Amazon Paradise Lodge is a rustic design hostel within the Amazon rainforest, an ideal place to unwind and get out of the routine. We are located on the banks of the Amazon, in the hamlet of San Juan de Huashalado. Upon arrival at the hostel you can perform these activities:  

• Join the various tours or tours we offer (visit to the YAGUAS native community, animal rescue center and others).  

• Take a bath in the river.  • Visit the local town.

• Observe the Amazonian sunrise.

• Observe and listen to the symphony of the jungle.

• Use our canoes for a walk (observe gray and pink dolphins) or go fishing (piranhas, catfish). • Rest and relax in the hammocks. All our meals are prepared with the freshest native ingredients and with the rich taste of home. We also offer vegetarian food, diet and Ayahuasca. Please inform us in advance if you have any diet or medical restriction. For an authentic jungle experience our bungalows or cabins do not have electricity, do not worry we will give you flashlights. The generator runs from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and sometimes during the day. This will allow you to charge your electronic equipment, our kitchen accessories and give light to our main bungalow. We do not have Wi-Fi service. No cable TV. We offer a free shuttle service, either from the airport or hotel to the hostel. The journey takes less than an hour from the airport to the port of Nanay, and only one hour and twenty from Bellavista Nanay to our lodge. It is an adventure route that begins in motokar and ends in a boat. Between the months of August to December of the level the Amazon River descends; for which you will have to walk about 30 minutes to get to the hostel. Do not worry about your luggage that our staff will take care of it. And, so you can enjoy the little walk.


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The Amazonian flora is blessed by Nature. In the middle of the jungle, there are innumerable edible, oleaginous, medicinal and coloring species. Of the 100,000 plant species present in Latin America, about 30,000 are found in the Amazon. The different degrees of humidity during the period of increased river flow, soil quality, winds and rainfall have led to the formation of very different vegetables. The vegetation can be divided into three types: The forests of the mainland, the Igapós Forests (marshes) and the Vega vegetation. Terra firme forests: They occupy non-flood lands. They have from 140 to 280 species per hectare, among them, the big trees of wood of law of the Amazon. In some places, the treetops are so large that they prevent up to 95% of sunlight from entering. The main representatives of this type of vegetation are the cedar and the mahogany, the angelim pedra and the chestnut tree of Pará.

The fauna is amazingly varied, constituted by 80% of the diversity of existing classes in the world, according to some scientists and experts of the area. A total of 643 species have been identified, within which each one has a variety of families, 326 are birds, 185 fish, 67 mammals, 37 amphibians and 28 reptiles.

The typical food of the Peruvian jungle has a flavor that makes the difference, distinguishing itself by using fruits such as coconut, meats like chicken and various fish to prepare their meals. In the central jungle the chanco, the trout and the banana are consumed more. In this region ingredients that are grown locally are often used. Many of these bananas are grown in Satipo, Chanchamayo in Junín and Oxapampa.